Intex Greywood Deluxe 4 Person Hot Tub

The Intex Greywood Deluxe 4 Person Hot Tub is a durable round inflatable bubble spa with a maximum seating capacity of 4 persons, made by renowned manufacturer Intex.

While this affordable inflatable hot tub is about 4 times cheaper than most hard wall hot tubs, it still has impressive features like two premium foam headrests, a wireless control panel and built-in hard water treatment and filtration systems.

The spa is easily setup and the 140 1.1hp bubble jets will bring you many relaxing massages within the comfort of your own home!

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    1. Review

    2. Friends relaxing in their Intex greywood deluxe 4 person hot tub

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      The Intex Greywood Deluxe 4 person hot tub has a great faux wood look and matching grey color scheme. Setup is a very easy, the tub can be filled in 15 minutes, and the water heats up about 2-3 degrees per hour.

      The hot tub takes about three days to reach the desired temperature, but once reached it maintains the temp quite well. As the heater is 100 volt powered, the spa heats slower than regular (pricier) hot tubs.

      The detachable control panel allows you to remotely control the spa, and this unit can be easily charged by placing it on top of the pump.

      The filtration system works very well and the bubbles are pretty intense and relaxing and give you a good bubble massage up your entire back. Some people even prefer these bubble jets over traditional hydrojets.


      • Setting up is fast and easy
      • 140 high-powered massaging bubble jets
      • color-cycling LED ambient light
      • integrated hard-water treatment system
      • Remote control device to operate the spa
      • Great natural wood pattern
      • Fiber-Tech construction aimed at maximum comfort and durability

      What buyers think

      “Overall a fantastic buy. My partner and I enjoyed our old Intex hot tub a lot and are looking forward to even more relaxing nights in this one.”

      “We have used this spa nearly every night for about two weeks and we really feel it is worth every penny.”

      “This is a very sturdy and nice hot tub. If you are looking for a inflatable hot tub look no further!”

      “My family loves this hot tub, so I have to say it’s definitely worth it!”

      Where to buy

      The Intex Greywood Deluxe 4 person spa is sold online through Amazon.

      Pros and cons


      • Very easy to install
      • Great faux wood look
      • Relaxing bubbles
      • Great for sore muscles and arthritis


      • Shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 40°F
      • Limited heater capacity
      • Cup holders not included
    3. Product details

    4. Product nameGreywood Deluxe 4 Person Hot Tub
      Seating4 persons
      Jets140 bubble jets
      MaterialFiber-Tech (PVC)
      Weight102 lb.
      Filled weight
      Water capacity210 gallons (795 liters)
      Temperaturemax. 104°F
      Lightmulti-colored LED light
      Coverinsulated cover
      Includedwireless touch button control panel, built-in hard water treatment filtration system (2 filter cartridges included), floating chlorine dispenser, 2 foam headrests, thermal ground cloth, test strip
      Warranty1 year limited manufacturer warranty
    5. Common Questions

      • Daily use

      • Are the bubbles heated?

      • The 170 bubble jets draw air from the surrounding air and do not heat this air. Running the bubble jets causes the water temperature to slowly decrease. You can however use the heater and bubble jets at the same time, or separately.

      • Can you adjust the bubbles?

      • No adjustment of the bubbles is possible, the bubble jets are either on or off.

      • How long does it take to heat the hot tub?

      • On average, and depending on the ambient temperature, the water temperature increases with about 3°F-4°F per hour.

      • Can I use the hot tub during the winter months?

      • The manufacturer states that the spa cannot be used in temperatures less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

      • Can I use essential oils in the spa?

      • Using essential oils in this hot tub is not recommended as it could cause issues with the filtration system.

      • Can I run the spa on salt water rather than chlorine?

      • No, using salt water will mess up the pump and heating element as well as the built in hard water treatment system. You can however use bromine (brominate) tabs.

      • Do I run the filtration system before or after adding sanitizer?

      • You should keep the filtration system running automatically while the heating system is on. You can run the filtration system at anytime in 2, 4 or 6 hour increments.

      • Which filter cartridges should I use?

      • You should use the genuine Intex Filter S1 Cartridges for your Intex Greywood Deluxe Spa 28439E, as they are relatively inexpensive.

      • Where can I find the manual?

      • You can download a PDF of the Intex Greywood Deluxe 28439E Manual here.

        Setting up the spa

      • How do I power the hot tub?

      • The US version of the spa uses a standard GFCI cord that can be plugged into a regular 110v household outlet. Intex advises against the use of an extension cord to power the hot tub.

      • What size of battery does the LED light take?

      • The color-changing LED light needs 3 AAA batteries to function, those do not come included with the purchase of the spa.

      • What kind of surface can I place the hot tub on?

      • The hot tub can be placed on different floor like cement/concrete or sand. Put some kind of insulation board between the floor and the bottom of the spa, and it level the floor before placing the spa. If you decide to put it on gravel you should fill the gravel with some sand to level to smooth it out.

        The Intex hot tub comes with a bubble-wrap-type circle shaped blanket to put underneath it. The padded bottom of the spa consists of a comfortable yet sturdy cushioning.

      • How does the remote control panel work?

      • You can access the basic functionalities of the spa through the control panel. The RCD can be quickly charged (within 30 minutes) on the docking port.

      • A flashing blue light appears on the RCD

      • It is normal that this blue light flashes on the remote control panel during setup, you can continue the setup through the Intex app.

      • Can I connect it with a hose to empty the spa?

      • Yes, there is an outlet that you connect the included adapter to, next you connect your hose to that and drain.


      • How can I get rid of the E90 error code?

      • There are 2 reasons why the E90 error code keeps popping up.

        The first reason is when the water pump has air in it and you need to flush out the air from the pump. This can be fixed after you have refilled the tub by putting the hose up against where the filter goes to pump water into the filter.

        The second reason this error code appears is because of a filter that’s dirty or needs to be replaced. You’ll need to replace the filter, unplug the spa and plug it back in.

      • The control panel is not responsive

      • If your control panel freezes for whatever reason or there is some other malfunction, you can often fix this by turning your hot tub on and off.

        Just unplug the spa for 30 seconds and plug it back in to perform a hard reset.

      • I keep getting the E81 error code

      • The most likely reason you keep getting the E81 is that your remote control display (RCD) is too far from the base unit.

        Reset the RCD, move the control panel within 16ft of the control base unit, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

        If the problem however persists, contact the Intex Service Center.

      • How can I reset the filter pump sensor?

      • If the circulating filter pump does not go on unless you unplug and replace the power unit plug, you may need to reset the unit.

        Hold down the “lock/unlock” button for 5 seconds until it changes color. Next, push the “heat” button and the pump should restart.

      • Why does the spa keep shutting down displaying “END”?

      • If the spa doesn’t reach your set temperature within 3 days (72 hours) it shuts down automatically.This problem occurs if you are using the hot tub in cold weather with a desired set temp that can not be reached within this time-frame.

        The solution is to power off your Intex Greywood Deluxe 28439E, next restart the unit and the heater.

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