Aleko 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

The Aleko Inflatable Hot Tub is an oval hot tub made by renowned spa manufacturer Aleko designed to seat 2 people.

The affordable price and easy installation together with many great features make this hot tub an ideal addition to your home!

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    1. Review

    2. Aleko 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub outside in garden

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      This small inflatable hot tub is designed to comfortably seat up to 2 people. The tub heats up to a maximum temperature of 108 degrees.

      The Aleko Oval 2 Person 130 Jet inflatable hot tub is easy to install and maintain, and provides you with a nice relaxation. Two people can be comfortably seated, and the jets and temperature are fabulous.

      What we think

      We can absolutely recommend this entry-level spa. Premium quality at such an affordable price, many fun features, easy installation and maintenance, what’s there not to love?

      A whopping 130 bubble jets provide you with a relaxing, soothing hydrotherapy massage. Although these jets are not so powerful as in higher-priced hot tubs, they still provide a very soothing massage. The spa floor is cushioned and padded for comfortable seating.

      A matching, fitted polyurethane cover keeps the water warm when the hot tub is not in use. You can simply snap this cover in place with the buckles.

      Installing the Aleko 2 person hot tub is child’s play – it can be easily and quickly inflated and deflated with no additional tools required.

      This hot tub can be installed, drained, cleaned and stored away in literally minutes. You just have to plug the air hose into the air valve and adjust the flow of air using the digital control panel.

      The Aleko 130-jet Inflatable Hot Tub Spa is available in the finish colors black, black/white, dark blue and brown and a product warranty of 3 months is provided.

      What consumers think

      Overall, customers really like this small hot tub. The easy assembly, many features, budget price and the great relaxation this spa provides are its biggest selling points.

      Most customers think of their Aleko Oval Hot Tub as a great deal for the money. They all love the quality of the tub and the many extra features included. The installation procedure is also quick and easy, just plug and play!

      This hot tub has a perfect size (roomy yet intimate), is efficient and comfortable. Many customers praise it saying that it’s everything they hoped it would be, that the whole family truly loves it.

      Where to buy

      The Aleko 2 Person Oval Inflatable Hot Tub is sold online at Amazon.

      If you want to have a look at other great 2 person hot tubs, be sure to check out our article on the best 2 person hot tubs.

      Pros and cons


      • very affordable hot tub
      • quality design
      • very easy setup, easy assembly, inflates in minutes
      • 130 bubble jets
      • 2 cupholders
      • matching, locking cover included


      • takes long time to heat up
      • no seating in play spa
      • not recommended for indoor use

    3. Product details

    4. Product nameAleko 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub
      Type2 person oval inflatable hot tub
      ColorBlack, Black/White, Dark Blue, Brown
      Dimensions2 2 H x 6 3 W x 3 11 L
      Weight52 lb.
      Filled weight1262 lb.
      Temperatureup to 108°
      Water capacity145 Gallons
      Voltage110/120 Volts
      Jets130 jets
      Included1 inflatable hot tub, 1 drink tray with 2 cup holders, 1 locking cover, 1 inflation hose, 1 filter cartridge, 1 filter cartridge cover, 1 ground cloth, 1 rubber plug, 1 repair kit
      Warranty3 Months
    5. Common Questions

      • Does the tub require assembly?

      • As this hot tub is ‘plug and play‘ it does not require any assembly.

      • Can this be used both outdoors and indoors?

      • This hot tub can be set up either indoors (even in a basement) or outdoors.

      • What type of surface area can the hot tub be mounted on?

      • The hot tub can be mounted on any flat surface.

      • How do you inflate the tub?

      • The tub easily inflates by plugging the air hose into the air valve and using the control panel to inflate it.

      • Can the spa run on 110 volts?

      • The spa can run on 110 volts, and can be plugged directly into a standard household socket. An extension cord (length 72″) can be used to plug the hot tub in.

      • Can the heater and pump run at the same time?

      • Yes, you can use the heater and the pump simultaneously.

      • Does the hot tub require any chemicals to use?

      • The hot tub does not require any chemical to use. The spa can also be used with Epsom salt.

      • Can the tub be used with salt water?

      • The tub is not compatible with saltwater.

      • Does the play spa have seats?

      • The play spa does not have seats. The floor is cushioned (‘padded‘) for comfortable seating.

      • Does it have an automatic filtering system?

      • The tub does not have an automatic filtering system. You can keep the tub on for filtering.

      • How is the tub emptied?

      • The tub has a drain plug for emptying.

      • Can you leave the water in for a month for I would keep it on my balcony at the beach?

      • The water is required to be changed every few days. Leaving the water in for a month is not recommended.

      • How long does it take to get to the maximum temperature assuming that the tub is just filled it with cool water?

      • The heating time varies depending on the temperature of the water used to fill the tub. The temperature of the hot tub is adjustable, and the normal heating-up time is 1-3 degrees F/h.

      • Does it turn off below 40 degrees F?

      • The inflatable hot tub does not turn off below 40 degrees.

      • Can the spa be used in the winter?

      • The Aleko oval inflatable hot tub can be used all year round and is freeze-resistant but not freeze-proof. The tub will however not be able to handle harsh weathers like rainstorms or snow.

      • Where are the jets in the spa?

      • The jets are located around the interior sides of the hot tub. The jets are not adjustable, and the bubbles are released when the jets are heated.

      • What is the gauge of the material?

      • The gauge of the material is 0.2 PA.

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