Cordoba 2-person 16-jet Plug and Play Spa

The QCA Cordoba Spa is a great value 2 person oval hot tub that is easily installed thanks to the plug & play setup and is very easy in maintenance.

Features include a 1.5 HP Pump, 1 KW Heater, heat recovery system, ozonator and insulated cover.

The QCA Cordoba is especially enjoyed by couples and singles. The 16 stainless steel jets provide a fantastic relaxing experience!

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    1. Review

    2. QCA Cordoba 2 Person hot tub inside view

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      What we think

      The QCA Cordoba Spa stands out among other similar two person hot tubs in the same price range.

      Customers praise the look and quality of this hot tub, the easy installation process, easy maintenance and powerful jets.

      What consumers say

      Customers remarked that the instructions were easy to follow and the (plug & play) set up was a breeze.

      They consider the QCA Cordoba hot tub to be a space saver and comfortable.

      Most customers find it to be a good deal for the money and would highly recommend this spa to their friends.

      Where to buy

      The Cordoba 2-person 16-jet plug and play hot tub is sold online through Amazon.

      If you want to have a look at other two person hot tubs, be sure to check out our article on the best 2 person hot tubs.

      Pros and cons


      • Great value for the money
      • Sturdy construction, beautiful to look at
      • Totally plug & play, very easy setup
      • Quick heat-up time
      • 16 powerful jets for your back and feet
      • Color-cycling LEDs
      • Very nice cover included


      • No drain, you have to hose the water out
      • Access panels could be better designed
    3. Product details

    4. Product nameCordoba 2-person 16-jet Plug and Play Spa
      ManufacturerQCA Spas
      Model0H SM
      SeatingTwo persons
      ColorGray exterior, Silver Marble interior
      Dimensions2.5 X 3 X 6W x7 X7L
      Weight286 lb.
      Filled weight1734 lb.
      TemperatureMax. 140°
      Water capacity190 Gallons
      Voltage120 Volt/15 Amps
      IncludedLed lighting, cover, ozonator, built-in seating
      Warranty1 year on shell, plumbing, pumps, & equipment
    5. Common Questions

      • Is there any assembly required for the spa?

      • As the spa is plug and play, assembly is not required.

      • What ground covering is needed to put the Cordoba hot tub on?

      • The hot tub needs to be placed on a spa pad or on a concrete slab.

      • What is the overall capacity of the spa?

      • The spa can hold up to 190 gallons of water.

      • Can this spa be plugged into a 110/120 volt outlet?

      • The spa can be easily plugged into any 110/120 Volts/15 Amps wall outlet with the built in GFCI protected cord.

      • Can the spa be rewired to 220 volt?

      • Yes, the spa can be rewired to 220, 230 or 240 Volt, 50 Hz.

      • How much does this spa weigh?

      • The assembled product weight of this spa is 289 pounds.

      • Can the spa be used in an indoor bathroom as an actual tub?

      • No, the spa cannot be used as a tub in an indoor bathroom.

      • Can salt water chemicals be used?

      • Yes, salt water chemicals can be used with the spa.

      • How do you purify the water on this spa?

      • A small amount of chemicals needs to be added to the water together with the ozonator to purify the water.

      • How do I drain the spa?

        1. The spa does not have a drain plug.To drain the spa you’ve got to first shut off the main breaker to your spa equipment pack.
        2. Next you siphon the water from the spa with a garden hose or you use a sump pump to pump the water from the spa.
        3. Finally remove the remaining water using a wet-dry vac.

      • Does the setting reset if the spa is powered off?

      • Yes, the setting resets every time the spa is powered off.

      • How can I know that the ozonator is working?

      • Inside the spa is a cabinet containing the ozone box. If the light inside this box is on the ozonator is running.

      • How many filters can the spa accommodate?

      • The spa accommodates one filter servicing 10 square feet of water.

      • How does the filter cycle feature work?

      • The filter cycle clears the water for 1 hour per day twice a day.

      • Can you tell me more about the jets?

      • The jets are located inside the spa, and are made of stainless steel.

      • What is the spa’s max temperature?

      • The maximum temperature of the QCA Cordoba spa is set at 104 fahrenheit, which is the maximum temperature allowed by law.

      • How long does it take to heat water from 65° to 103°?

      • The heat up time upon first use is 24 hours, the temperature increases about 2 to 3° per hour, and the maximum temperature is set at 104°.

        It takes about 24 hours to heat the water from 65° to 103° and the pump will be circulating water the entire time.The temperature of the spa increases about 2-3 degrees per hour.

      • Can the spa withstand colder temperatures and be used outside in late fall and winter?

      • The spa has a heater, can be used all year long outdoor and is properly insulated for winter.

        Included in the package is a insulated and lockable hard cover. This cover is recommended for outdoor use or for colder climates, as it locks heat and protects the spa from the weather elements.

    posted by Steven L.    May 31, 2019    September 11, 2023